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Posted by on Saturday, March 9, 2013 in Inspiration

Trent Shelton

A few days ago I saw a video post on facebook with a beautiful message titled “You’re Perfect“  by Trent Shelton. This video made such an impact on me that I had to find out who this beautiful man, who looks as mighty as a lion but as gentle as a bluebird, is.

I found this inspiring video on CBN TV about the story of Trent’s trials and transformation. In this video Trent talks about him being a successful Football Star in high school and college. At that time in his Life Football was his idol and God had a place in the backseat. After facing trials and tribulations in the NFL and Life not evolving as he expected to, he became angry at God. Feelings of emptiness led him to turn to things such as alcohol, drugs, sex and partying which gave him temporary fulfillment. When injury and setbacks stalled his NFL career his Life started spiraling downwards.

The birth of his son was the important turning point in his Life. He began searching for his Purpose and Faith in Life. At one point he understood clearly that the platform with the NFL wasn’t for him to be a Super Star Athlete. It was to give him a platform to reach others and to glorify God through it.

Rehab Time
Trent Shelton is the CEO of Rehab Time (Renew Every Heart and Body). Rehab Time is a worldwide institution for positive change. Their mission is to serve as a worldwide community that instinctively promotes change for the better by uplifting, empowering and demonstrating that “change starts with you,” from the inside out, through the development of faith, self, fitness, relationships and leadership.

More on Rehab Time see

The first step to being unhappy in life is trying to please everybody else. People are different and have different tastes. But never let those differences make you insecure about who you are. – Trent Shelton




  1. Trent I thank God for u. I don’t even know u or may never meet u but spiritually ur my brother in Christ and just listening to u I feel as if I’ve known u forever. Thank you for putting out there about making sure the ground was fertile for people to sow into this ministry. U r on the right track stay focus and everything will balance out. U r truly an inspiration and a Godly role model for kids growing up in society today. Please pray about it and I will to that God will lead u to south Carolina to speak. Our youth need it..

    • I feel the same way Tammy! Thank you for posting a comment!

  2. I JUST Saw his Appreciate You video on a friends wall on facebook … WOW. Very Powerful and I am much moved to find out more information about this gentle-man, his book(s), his social media, & especially where to Donate to help. Hes got quite the movement and you can feel HIS truth talking to your truth, right through the computer screen. Keep talking about him. Wow, thanks for the share too! ;)

    • Thank you for posting your comment JayNine! Much appreciated! :)

  3. thanks so much for your inspirational words it means a lot .I can only thank GOD for a person like you.

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